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  • 99-23903133 0.50 kg Xiaomi 13.00cm x 7.10cm x 1.41cm

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Product Specifications of XIAOMI Mi PowerBank 10000mah version 2

Two-way fast charging

14.1mm thin

High-capacity  Li-Pol  battery

Multilayered security system

Energy supplies for the whole day
Pair the battery with a device, that needs the energy boost, and carry on with your morning routine.
Quick Charge 2.0 technology assists in charging your smartphone, tablet or camera faster.
Usable battery capacity is 6900 mAh. It can juice up Xiaomi Mi 5 battery for 2.4 times
and iPhone 6 for 3.7 times!
Mi Power Bank 2 has 2 colors: noble silver emphasizes
soft curves of the device and charcoal back provides a feeling of a hidden force.
Xiaomi external battery keeps watch while you’re at the gym,
out for a walk, heading to work or traveling far.

Technology upgrades

Smooth metal texture next to an ergonomic design creates a product one can draw inspiration from!
After anodic oxidation process, its aluminum body has adopted structural strength and durability:
it is waterproof, resistant to corrosion, scratches, dents and discoloration.

Thin and wiry

Bulky portable devices are always a thorn in one’s side. Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2, on the contrary,
is perfect if you have a little space left in your bag or jacket pocket. It is only 14.1 mm thin and
weighs 207 gram.
Mi Power Bank 2 is 1 / 3 thinner than a previous model. It is comfortable
to carry in one hand along with a telephone.
Follows you everywhere you go
No need to weave the web out of power cords around the room.

High-capacity  Li-Pol  battery

In comparison with a previous generation, Mi Power Bank 2 has a higher conversion rate (93%), power output efficiency
increased 10%. Electricity use is reduced to 20%. Such features ensure a long lasting work with a gadget.
In a bid to
develop a high-performance product, Xiaomi has built an expert team: ATL and Lishen Battery
worked on polymer
batteries and microchips were produced by Texas Instruments.
The number of complete charge-discharge cycles
is increased, which means that the battery
is able to support all of your devices with power for much longer
before its capacity starts to fade. Microchips keep input-output voltage stable,
regulate internal resistance and enforce energy conversion.